Health and Safety Training Courses

The following is a selection from the training courses that we offer:

Asbestos Awareness

Essential information concerning the health risks associated with asbestos, the potential for encountering the material and the management of asbestos-containing materials.

half day

COSHH Risk Assessment

The half day course is designed to introduce chemical safety issues and includes simple COSHH assessments. The one day course gives a more detailed treatment of the COSHH process.

half or 1 day

Directors Responsibilities

An informative and thought provoking course for Company Directors on their responsibilities under Health and Safety Law.

2 hours

Display Screen Equipment (Computer Workstation) Assessor

Provides the theoretical background and practical skills required for in-house staff to carry out DSE assessments.

1 day

Display Screen Equipment (Computer Workstation) Users

This course meets your statutory requirements to provide information, instruction and training to DSE users. Included is workstation set-up and the importance of good posture. This course can be expanded to include laptops if required.

1 hour

Fire Fighting Equipment

A basic course covering how fires start and spread and the properties of different extinguishers – recommended for all staff.

2 hours

Fire Co-ordinators

Fire safety background training for staff who will undertake the fire co-ordinator role.

half day

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire safety background combined with practical exercises in undertaking fire risk assessment.

2 days

Health and Safety Awareness

A general awareness course for all staff covering the Health and Safety topics relevant to your organisation.  Designed to meet your statutory requirement to provide general health and safety information, instruction and training to all staff.

half day

Legionnaires’ Disease

A 90 minute talk regarding the dangers of Legionellae.
What it is, who is at  risk and how the risk can be managed.

1.5 hours

Manual Handling

A course that looks at the dangers of poor manual handling and explains how to lift safely. Examples can be tailor-made for most situations.

half day

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Anatomical background and practical techniques, including the concept of manual handling assessment., which can be tailor-made for most situations.

half or 1 day

New and Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment

A detailed course covering the issues to consider when employees are pregnant or returning to work from maternity leave.  Includes case-study examples to work through.

half day

Personal Safety – Travelling

This course looks at the general issues around being alone whilst travelling.
Good Practice Guide included.

2 hours

Personal Safety – Visiting People

Similar to above but concentrating on what makes people angry/aggressive/violent etc. How to recognise the signs and the action to take.

2 hours

Reporting and Investigation of Accidents and Incidents

This is a detailed course for all staff that could be involved in this process - including Supervisors, Managers and Directors

1 day

Risk Assessment and Workplace Monitoring

Detailed theoretical course and practical workshop.  Designed to give inexperienced staff the confidence required to carry out risk assessments and inspections of the workplace.

2 days

Risk Assessment Refresher Day

A chance for trained staff to brush up and develop their skills in general risk assessment along with DSE and fire risk assessment.  The delegates set the agenda for this day!

1 day

Stress Awareness For Managers

A one day course for Managers and Directors.  The first half of the day is based on the Wellbeing For Employees course.  The second half of the day provides the additional information and skills required by Managers to conduct stress risk assessments and implement controls in the workplace.

N.B The controls are based on the HSE Standards for Work-Related Stress Management

1 day

Wellbeing For Employees

A half day course on general stress awareness and self-management for all staff.  The course focuses on how to recognise the symptoms of stress, how the body reacts to stress, the main contributing factors, techniques to elicit the relaxation response and coping strategies.  Also included are details of any support / controls in place within your organisation.

half day


All of our courses are designed to give maximum impact and lasting impression, while minimising time away from the workplace.

The interactive style of the courses means that they are most effective with small groups, and recommend that they are run with a maximum of 16 delegates to assist group participation.

For any course we are happy to explore and agree your precise requirements and intended outcome.  We also provide bespoke training courses covering most health and safety topics.

We have developed the health and safety skills of thousands of delegates and can provide references from many satisfied clients.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

There is no need to gamble with your business.

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