Health and Safety Checklist

Are you managing effectively?

The topics listed below are key areas that require control in order to comply with legislation and protect your business from the risk of prosecution and litigation.

This list should not be regarded as definitive. Not all of these areas will apply to every business. Equally, there are additional requirements in certain industries. However, if you can demonstrate compliance with legislation in the following areas, then you are well on the road to managing effectively.


Do you have full control of the following areas? Yes No Don't
Health and safety policy, organisation and procedures?
Risk assessment?
First aid and accident procedures?
Fire precautions, signage and emergency procedures?
Machinery / lifting equipment / electrical equipment?
Chemicals in the workplace (COSHH)?
Manual handling (lifting, carrying, moving things)?
The workplace environment?
Display screen equipment (VDU's)?
Compressed air and pressure systems? Water systems?
Control of Contractors?
Employee Health and Safety Training?
Stress Management?
Relevant Health and Safety Legislation?


Remember that every answer which is "no" or "don't know" is an area which may put your business at risk.

There is no need to gamble with your business.

Houghton Safety Services Ltd can help you.