Health and Safety Management Systems

A good Health and Safety Management System will contain the following elements:

Health & Safety Elements Diagram

There are three major occupational health and safety management systems that are in use globally. HSG 65 was developed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is widely recognised in the UK.

The key characteristics of a successful Health & Safety Management System are:

  • A positive Health and Safety culture;
  • The involvement of all stakeholders;
  • An effective audit;
  • Continual improvement;

The principal benefits to a good Health and Safety Management System are

  • It is much easier to achieve and demonstrate legal compliance;
  • It ensures that health and safety is given the same emphasis as other business objectives;
  • It enables significant health and safety risks to be addressed in a systematic way;
  • It illustrates that there is a genuine commitment to health and safety throughout the organisation;

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