Fire Risk Assessment

Relevant Legislation:

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005


A fire risk assessment must be undertaken to ensure your company’s compliance with Article 9 (3) of this Order.

Houghton Safety Services Ltd are pleased to offer this service, to include:

  • Identification and assessment of fire risks in the workplace;
  • Commentary on key areas such as means of escape, fire alarms, emergency lighting, etc;
  • Recommendation of action required to reduce risk levels where appropriate, and
  • The provision of detailed written report covering the above items.

Our expert in this field is Pete Cowland, whose experience in this field is truly extensive. He served with the London Fire Brigade for nearly 25 years. Towards the end of this time he set up a new fire prevention office to cover the City of London and Westminster.  With over 40 inspectors and administrators on his staff, he was responsible for fire safety advice and regulation for some of the most prestigious buildings in the country.  He subsequently took up an appointment in the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service as their County Senior Fire Safety Officer and spent two years as a Divisional Commander.

Pete is highly experienced in the discipline of Fire Risk Assessment and additionally carries out a wide range of fire consultancy and training assignments.  

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